Sunday, 12 August 2012

Congratulations to Laura and Ed on their Engagement!

I am excited to announce that my sister Laura and her Boyfriend Ed have got engaged!!!!

Here's to the future Mr and Mrs Ed Burke!!

Its so romantic the way he asked my sister to marry him, they went for a walk up to their favourite spot and had a lovely picnic!! he pulled out the ring on one knee and asked........

Anyway roll on the wedding which is next May, everyone is already getting stressed, my mum is worried about what she is wearing, apparently the wedding cake needs to be made out of our family traditional recipe!? where is the party going to be held etc lol
They are getting married in a church in Colwyn Bay which is sentimental to Ed and the hen night is in Abersoch with a meal out and something fun like Quad biking, so so far so good!!

Now off to enter every single wedding competition i can find, to help my sister out with costs would be great, to win a dream wedding dress for her, well that would be perfect!!!

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  1. Ahhh Congratulations Ed and Laura! That looks an amazing picnic spot and what a romatic photo! Good luck with the wedding comps!